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Welcome from the Pastor

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How well we relate to and serve God and each other determines the quality of our life and the sense of peace and happiness we feel. That's why, at Oak Arbor, our ministry is to help build healthy relationships with God, His Word and each other.

I invite you to visit us and experience our welcoming, positive and supportive environment.  We are blessed with some unique tools and resources that can help you and your family along your path.  Our doors are open to you.

Please don't hesitate to contact me by phone or e-mail.  You are welcome here, and I hope to see you soon.

Derek Elphick, Pastor
248-652-3420 ext 101


We warmly welcome you to worship with us on Sundays at 10:30 am





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First-Time Visitors - Welcome to Oak Arbor Church

Sunday Worship 10:30am - 11:30am

We hope this page is helpful in introducing you to Oak Arbor Church and makes your first visit to a worship service an enjoyable and enriching one.

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Visitor Guide

What do I do once I arrive?
What’s it like in a typical worship service?
What do my kids do?
What do people wear to church?
What else is going on at Oak Arbor?
What are the basic beliefs shared at Oak Arbor?

What Do I Do Once I Arrive?

As you come in through the main church entrance, there are coat rooms to your right and left and then an inner door leading to the main foyer adjacent to the sanctuary. Greeters wearing name tags will be near the foyer door, ready to meet you, hand you a welcome packet, and help you find your way.

Coffee and Conversation:
Feel free to help yourself to a cup of coffee (available at the right hand side of the foyer as you enter), chat with others in the foyer prior to the service, or check out some of the selection in the Oak Arbor Book Room (also found at the right side of the foyer).

Enter the Sanctuary:
A few minutes before the service, special music will begin playing in the sanctuary and people will move from the foyer into the sanctuary. As you enter the sanctuary, an usher will hand you a bulletin describing the details of that day’s worship service.

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What’s It Like in a Typical Worship Service?

A Blended Format
We have a wide span of ages and tastes in our congregation, and have a blended traditional and contemporary styles of worship and music so that all may feel welcome and comfortable in our services.

Families worshiping together is very important to us. Our service includes family worship with a talk for children followed by a talk for adults. During the adult talk, children up through high school are invited to attend Nursery or Sunday School.

Immediately after you enter the sanctuary, you will see a small table to your right with an offertory bowl. Oak Arbor does not “pass the plate.” If you wish to make a free-will offering, place it in the bowl before you find your seat.

There is no pre-established seating order. Sit wherever you are comfortable.

Service Format:
You will notice that everyone is quiet in order to allow for a sense of peace and reflection. Please be sure to turn off cell phones and pagers.

Family Worship:

Prelude music
Words of welcome from the minister
Sing an opening song together (led by worship band or from the song book)
The minister opens the Bible
All kneel and say the Lord’s Prayer together
All rise and read a piece of scripture together
Children’s talk
Sing a hymn together

Sunday School - Children up through high school leave for Sunday School

Adult Worship:

Adult talk (click here to listen to a recent talk)
Sing a song together
Postlude music (exit the sanctuary or stay for quiet reflection)

After the Service:
After the service, people pick up their children from Sunday School and then gather in the Social Hall (at one end of the foyer) for coffee, snacks, visiting and any announcements. The Oak Arbor group is a friendly bunch and would enjoy saying hello.

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What Do My Kids Do?

Family Worship:
You and your children will have the opportunity to worship together at the beginning of the service. Early in the service, the minister will invite any children who wish to come forward and sit up on the chancel with him while he gives them a children’s talk. Parents of younger kids often come up with them. If your child is more comfortable remaining in the pew with you, that is fine, too.

After the children’s talk, the children will return to their seats. Shortly afterwards the minister will announce that children may be taken to the Sunday School classes during a musical interlude. Following the interlude, the adult portion of the service will begin.

Nursing Mothers and Infants:
If you are a nursing mother or have little ones who are having a hard time being quiet (most parents have been there!), feel free to make use of the church parlor. Exit the main sanctuary back into the foyer and ask the usher to direct you to the parlor at one side of the sanctuary. A one-way glass window between the parlor and the sanctuary allows you to see into the sanctuary without being seen. Sound is piped in, so you can listen to the service while caring for your little one. Comfortable chairs and couches are provided, as well as song books.

Sunday School (Nursery up through high school)
Sunday school classes are run by a wonderful team of volunteer parents and are held in the classrooms of the Oak Arbor School. As you exit the sanctuary, an usher or greeter will be happy to direct you, or you can follow the crowd of people heading to your right down the hall to Sunday School.

If you have little ones and would prefer not to leave them, you might prefer to sit in the church parlor and watch and listen to the service being piped in. Ask an usher or greeter to direct you.

Please be certain to personally deliver your child(ren) to Sunday School and pick them up from the classroom after the adult service is finished.

All of our Sunday School volunteers are required to undergo a background check. Our volunteers want to provide a place where children can learn more about God’s Word in a caring environment, meet other kids and enjoy some fun activities together.

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What Do People Wear to Church?

People wear whatever they feel comfortable in, so we have a broad spectrum. Some people wear jeans. Other people like to dress up. Wear what you like to wear, and you will likely see someone else who is dressed similarly to you.

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Oak Arbor Church’s address is 495 Oak Arbor Circle West, Rochester, MI, 48306. We are located about 4 miles north of downtown Rochester, just south of Snell Road (27 Mile Road) and just west of Rochester Road.

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We have one parking area directly in front of the church. As you approach the church building, you will see two entrances. The main church entrance is on the center right (this is the best one to use) with a sheltered porch where you can pull up to drop people off if you wish before parking. This entrance is handicap accessible, and there is handicap accessible parking in the area closest to the front entrance. To the left is the entrance to the Oak Arbor School (PreK-8) and the church and school offices.

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What Else is Going On at the Oak Arbor Church?

There’s a lot going on at Oak Arbor. People are studying God’s Word together, learning together, socializing together and volunteering together.

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Click to view our calendar of activities.

Click for information about volunteer programs through which we show our love for our neighbors and friends, see to outreach.

Click for information about the Oak Arbor School.

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What are the basic beliefs shared at Oak Arbor Church?

We teach - a new understanding of God’s timeless Story

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the one loving God.

    He is never angry and never gives up on us.

The Bible is God speaking to us through

    literal stories, parables and a deeper spiritual meaning.

Useful Service from good will brings faith to life.

It is the very heart of heavenly happiness.

Spiritual Freedom is a gift.

    God endows us with the capacity to choose our eternal destiny.

Salvation is progressive . . . a gradual lifting up of our spirit by the Lord

as we grow in love, faith and useful service.

Marriage Love between a husband and wife is a blessing God longs for us to enjoy.

In His care, we can find and strengthen this precious love to eternity.

Life after Death is real.

Everyone continues life's journey right away as a complete person.

Heaven is for all people

who become angels by living according to God's Commandments.

Click for information on Oak Arbor Church Beliefs.

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