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Lifting our minds and hearts together to the Lord Jesus Christ

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A blended format
We have a wide span of ages and tastes in our congregation, and have blended traditional and contemporary styles of worship so that all may feel welcome and comfortable in our services. The style of delivery is not designed to be a form of entertainment or theatre, but rather more gentle and family-oriented. In the early portion of the service, children are invited to sit at the front, where the minister teaches them about the Word of the Lord in terms they can understand. Later in the service, the scriptural message is adapted to young people and adults.


Sermon Audio from the weekly Worship Services

Instruction leading to the good of life
Some churches focus more on inspiration, while others place their emphasis on instruction. When asked where we place our priority, we answer by saying that inspiration and instruction must work in harmony to create a state of worship that is uplifting, applicable to life and fosters a sense of community.

Spiritual Focus - Practical applications to daily life
Each Sunday, the minister leading the service introduces a spiritual focus for the week based on the subject of the talks. It is referred to during the adult sermon portion of the service and includes a brief summary of the lesson and practical suggestions for how you might use the spiritual message of the sermon in the workplace, at home, in your marriage, with parenting, friends, etc.

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We Teach - a new understanding of God’s timeless story

Our Lord Jesus Christ is the one loving God.

    He is never angry and never gives up on us.

The Bible is God speaking to us through

literal stories, parables and a deeper spiritual meaning.

Useful Service from good will brings faith to life.

It is the very heart of heavenly happiness.

Spiritual Freedom is a gift.

    God endows us with the capacity to choose our eternal destiny.

Salvation is progressive

    and involves an ongoing process of spiritual growth.

Marriage Love between a husband and wife

    can become spiritual and continue to eternity.

Life after Death is real.

    Everyone continues life's journey right away as a complete person.

Heaven is for all people

    who become angels by living according to the 10 Commandments.


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Summary of Beliefs

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Worship Services

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We invite you to worship with us, to learn with us, to serve with us.

Church services are held on Sundays from 10:30-11:30 A.M. and are open to the public.

All ages are welcome.

Services include a talk for children followed by a talk for adults during which children are invited to attend Nursery or Sunday School.

Derek Elphick,
Pastor 248.652.3420 ext. 101

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